TUTORIAL BY PSCS5; How to make this CD graphic.

  • Windows
  • Photoshop cs5 extended was used 
  • Fonts: Code Light and London
  • Picture was found on Google
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Slow down, grab the wall
Wiggle like you trying to make yo ass fall off

You know what’s worse than slow internet?


Working, is often defined as going to your work place for 6-8 hours doing 90% of the stuff that you hate. 

I believe everyone should work based on what they like and love. Something that they’ll enjoy for a life time. I’ve seen friends working, and about 78.5% of them hate what they’re doing and of course they hate their colleagues too. 

But the thing is, would you rather waking up every single day of your life doing something that you won’t enjoy, and not be able to add more chapters of happiness in it? or would you rather working on something that’ll make you feel as if you’re not working at all because you love it and you don’t mind doing it for the rest of your life? 


The Mooncake Challenge


All Time Low - Damned If I Do ya (Damned If I Don’t)